LAST POST - a re-post!

There's this to say for getting old:

You take more care against the cold

And value each new day.


And this to say for getting old:

You want to keep and not to scold

The children at their play.


And this to say for getting old:

It's always welcome to be told

To take a seat and stay.


And this to say for getting old:

You may not be so brash and bold,

But still you have your say.


There's this to say for getting old,

With silver threads among the gold,

And loved ones gone away.


At least you GOT to getting old!

And when at last life loses hold,

Salute!  And draw your pay.








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M.C. Newberry

Thu 16th Sep 2021 15:14

Being equipped with a pair of sticks, I got used to receiving offers
of a seat on the bus that took me to my surgery (as was) - usually
from women I might add! But I had got the knack of wedging
myself against a convenient panel and was content to stand for
the short journey involved, often to the surprise of the courteous
would-be donor of a seat.
Thanks for the comments and for the "likes". Much obliged.

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Wed 15th Sep 2021 18:38

Was bestowed with a seat by a teenager on a full bus this week .He was a star !!!

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Stephen Gospage

Tue 14th Sep 2021 16:48

I can relate to the part about being offered a seat. I remember the first time it happened to me (age 59!). Not sure whether to be indignant or grateful (in fact, I was about to get off, so declined).
I suppose one would have to disinfect it now.

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