Gliding through the life force element

Water you carry me

the tears of joy when the day comes I hear you say "marry me"


Water in dreams represents emotion 

For each tear shed each year contributes to the ocean 


The seas and rivers ponds and lakes falls and streams 

Are all of emotional significance if appearing in dreams

Recognise these symbols take Lessons see signs 

Take blessings from these testing times


Understanding is key to survival in some cases not necessary 

The cat murderer ...curiosity 


Acceptance and forgiveness show Gratitude

Stepping aside..edging away ..Measuring distance... Latitude 


No control swinging mood 

Tell them straight "nar it's rude"

Be the eater not the food 

You'll be appreciated more when you've died

Birth and death are the only achievements guaranteed to be certified 

Additionally if you are  willing to walk the extra mile 

If you do ..my advice to you ..whatever you do 

Do it in style

Your style 







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