Another Cheery Lockdown Poem...

Another cheery poem

I hear the rain patter on my window pane

As lockdown looms again I feel pain

When will the sun from clouds emerge again?

This world has changed, gone quite insane

Problems of the past seem small and tame

We writhe and shake, against each deadly strain

Stay in, save lives, the never ending refrain.


And as we face another day alone at home

I sit at my screen with another cheery poem

Its like we’re locked inside a deadly snowy dome

All trapped together, but feeling each alone

With nothing for company but Google chrome

And facebook, twitter, whatsapp on our phone

Day after day staring at our screens

Or clicking endless links to Microsoft Teams, at times it seems

Like life itself is just another live stream.

No more reality, just this crazy dream in which to scream.


As restrictions lift and the masks all slip

The fear starts to drift, we begin to let rip,

Like an animal coming from hibernation

We grip onto life with new determination

And emerge from the darkness with great elation.

Hugging, fist punching a relieved united nation.


So now my sisters, brothers, husbands, friends

As fear and danger slowly start to end

Let’s relish these moments of new connection

And share our comments on the great infection.

M x

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keith jeffries

Mon 6th Dec 2021 00:06

An interesting appraisal of life under lockdown and the sense of liberation when we are once again re united with normality. However, lockdowns have brought about a new pattern of life, certain aspects of which seem to have remained.
I enjoyed this poem and thank you.

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