Neil's Glorious Meals (a poem for children)

Neil liked his food a lot

and most things he found tasty

if you could cook it in a pot

or cover it in pastry


he’d eat a plate of beans he’d bake,

some green and some that run

a chocolate cake with icing

and a sticky currant bun

an omelette made with free range eggs

and slices of buttered wholemeal bread

a snickers bar with extra nuts

all whirling round inside his guts

and when at last his plate was clear

he’d start again, he knew no fear




once he tried a mealworm

he’d heard they were delicious

the thought of it may make you squirm

but they’re really quite nutritious


he’d often scoff the humble sprout

so small and green and sweet

but when he went to dish them out

his guests made for the street


he’ll order dinner if in the mood

or if he’s in a hurry

a pizza topped with seafood

though he quite enjoys a curry


so now you know what Neil enjoys

which fruit and veg and meat

he’d like to ask you girls and boys

what do you like to eat?

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Neil West

Wed 4th Aug 2021 19:00

Thank you john, the curry bit at least is true 😃

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John Coopey

Wed 4th Aug 2021 00:04

Marvellous stuff, Neil.

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