Summer Is

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Summer is…

An early morning sunrise

Pale light creeping in

Through net-covered windows

Quiet stillness at the start of the day

Blossoms, nodding on fragile stems

Golden corn swaying in a light breeze

Children's laughter as they play on the green

Bees and butterflies

Days which stretch out endlessly


A time when storm clouds gather

When the air fills with foreboding

Thunder rolls in bringing torrential rain

Depression arrives on its tail


A time of possibilities and positivity

Contentment engendered by warmth

Cucumber sandwiches

Strawberries and cream

A glass of Pimms at sundown

The sun a molten ball of gold

As it slips below the horizon

Summer is this bliss…

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Stephen Gospage

Sat 31st Jul 2021 17:27

A beautiful, atmospheric poem, Brenda.

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