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Keeping hope

Is like heading upstream without a paddle

Not knowing where the mouth of the river is

 Yet mentally deciding to find a way to cope


Its trusting in whatever the future holds

Without having a crystal ball

Its giving something a go

With the risk that we may fall


Hope is believing that the fire won't defeat us

And understanding that healing can come from pain

Its believing that life can continue 

Despite what has perished in the flames


Hope will keep us going

When the smoke is so thick that we feel blind

Change that starts with hope is what is needed

For the future of earth, the animals and humankind



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Rasa Kabaila

Sun 1st Aug 2021 06:15

Thank you for your comment Stephen. I didn't know that you lived in Belgium but then of course, I didn't ask!

I'm sorry to hear about the floods in Belgium. Thinking of you and all of Belgium-people, animals and land. Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.

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Stephen Gospage

Sat 31st Jul 2021 17:22

Thank you, Rasa. This is so relevant to the situation in Belgium, where we have had terrible flood damage and loss of life and yet people have not lost hope and so many have rallied round to support the victims.

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