Fo To

Turn around snap a shot

 Catch a smile to be forgot

Suspended now in time forever

Staring from the page together


Looking in or looking out

No knowing then what’s life’s about

A moment frozen in the frame

For future eyes to play a game


Who is the man who is the girl

What did they do what did unfurl

Did they have kids? Are they still here?

Did she smoke ? did he drink beer?


Whose is the house the background frames

When they were kids did they play games

Or are they strangers in the hour

Caught by accident  in a shower.


Debate will rage for year on year

Who they are and can they hear

But look upon the back now faint 

Their names revealed like long gone saints.


But even then all we have 

Are two names on a grubby photograph 

To keep us guessing all our lives

Repeating that snap for future eyes.


But looking in you realise 

The boy in there he has your eyes

He has a smile that’s now long gone

The hand that holds the frame is done.


The photograph it captures souls 

It bores its eyes like laser holes

It plays a tune of a past dance

And leaves the viewer in a trance.





◄ Fish Sing

Goodbye FLO x ►


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