Fish Sing

Gazing up from ocean deep

Fishy eyes and sliver streak

Murderous hooks they dangle there

To the mackerels deep despair 


One by one themselves impale

On shiny hooks hung over rails

Each day the boat brings more and more

Inexpert fishers to the call


Catches they get less and less

Fish hoovered up in deep distress

Empty oceans, watery voids

Of nothing left just silent noise


As tankers coast to coast they sail

And drown the loudest sound of whales

That reverberated round the seas 

The sounds now  lost to human greed


Meanwhile our fish they circle round

Curious at what they’ve found

Thinking food they take the hook

Like us it’s death and then we’re cooked.


17/07/2021 11:00-11.46






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Pete (edbreathe)

Thu 22nd Jul 2021 16:23

Thanks for the comments . ?

<Deleted User> (30611)

Thu 22nd Jul 2021 15:28

Is this an anti-fishing poem? The real problem is that no-one is hooking humans. We have no predators, and science is unwilling for us to die. We will over-populate the planet and eventually meet our demise.

Incidently we're having fish for tea tonight.

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Stephen Gospage

Thu 22nd Jul 2021 15:01

Yes, it's really good.


Thu 22nd Jul 2021 10:38

Works as metaphor and reality.

Have you seen Seaspiracy yet?

I like the final verse particularly, suggesting that we are almost willingly taking part in our own demise, which of course we are and will most likely continue to do.

I know it's a serious piece but the abrupt nature of it's ending indicates an appreciation of comedic righteous justice.

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