In a Rut.

The sadness was all around her 
Swimming in misery up to her throat 
It weighed her down 
Yet refused to choke her 
Her tears spilled out
Falling gracefully before soaking into her skin 
What a hopeless tangle she had gotten herself into
She spent so long dwelling in this mess she was unsure of how to escape 
How long would she sing a song of sorrow? 
She prayed this was only a season
She thought 
This couldn't be her whole life. 


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New Shoes

Wed 28th Jul 2021 07:32

The phoenix rises from the ashes. It's easy to say, harder to manifest. project the image of where you want to be and be open to the opportunities that will help you arrive. It's okay for dreams to die. we can believe that the only constant in the universe is change and find some peace in that. project the image of love while allowing love to flow through you and everything else will fall away and peace will be in your heart in every changing moment. Your only time is now.

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Stephen Gospage

Tue 20th Jul 2021 18:02

Sad but very good.

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