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Our endless, numbered days

Sackcloth on our backs,
ashes in our mouths,
wailing heard from north and south

Morning maniac music
shakes me awake
those who once brought hope
now mired in hate.

Over the mountains,
black clouds scud
a perverted vivacity
has entered the blood.

Refugees waiting,
knocking at your door,
seeking sanctuary
on a distant shore.

Christendom has fallen
collapsed from within,
deep, deep in the luxury of sin.

No crystal ball
No prescience

Iron enters the soul,
in a world
suddenly grown old. 

In northeast Syria, last Assyrians fear Turkish advance | The Times of  Israel

                              Delil Souleiman/AFP - Assyrian Christian militia in a church destroyed by Daesh









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John Marks

Sun 4th Jul 2021 16:37

Thank you Mark. I think people from the global east and south wish to move to what was once Christendom because they believe it to be rich, a land of milk and honey as portrayed by Hollywood. The west's inaction when confronted with the persecution and genocide of Christian communities in the middle-east (Assyrians, Armenians, Copts, Greeks) is ample evidence that Christendom has fallen and been replaced by an empty-headed selfish and ultimately unsatisfying consumerism.

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 4th Jul 2021 12:31

An intriguing title and theme.
Man-made religion has never grabbed me. Too many "ifs" that
beg answers that can't be supplied. Its power to create hate
and division also alienates me - all about "control" and the "my
belief is better than your belief" mentality of closed fearful minds.
I take some modest comfort from most of what are known
as the "Ten Commandments". That much I can identify & use for living a life. But even there, I would place "Be kind" at the top.
The rest of "religion" is far too easily adapted to suit excuses
for all sorts of mayhem in my own estimation..
PS - If Christendom has failed, should
we not ask why those of other religious
belief(s) seek entry to its historical
shores rather than to lands that share
their core values? Surely this dichotomy is a subject for discussion.

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