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the little leaf

the little leaf

clinging tenaciously to its twig

the dry yellow leaf

trembles and twists

a cruel St Vitus’ dance in the teasing wind

and refuses to let go -

afraid to fly

the shifty breeze reconnoiters

and strikes again

wheezing up the trunk

rifling the raggedy branches

into a twitching frenzy

but the little leaf holds on

the breeze hangs still

and contemplates

the shrivelled yellow leaf

spinning on its skeleton thread

etching nervous patterns

at the tip of its tiny twig

suddenly the wind shivers again

a testy bustle in the black boughs

and with a frisson of delight

the little leaf leaps

into the golden-blue air

crying:  I fly!  I’m free!

Cynthia Buell Thomas 

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winston plowes

Sat 11th Sep 2010 14:31

but what happened then to the leaf... did it get stamped into the mulch or did it fly accross the ocean on the gulf stream? I see the miserable side more clearly, that the leaf was the last of the summer and only the dark months lay ahead. (But then again I would)

Autumn Diarist

dreading winter months
they stuck pages together
hoping days would pass


<Deleted User> (5022)

Tue 24th Aug 2010 07:51

Simply beautiful, I really enjoyed reading it.

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jean lucy thompson

Sat 21st Aug 2010 23:41

I really liked this Cynthia; poor leaf clinging on there the last bastion of summer and yes so pleased it found happiness in the end :)

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Sat 31st Jul 2010 17:04

A really nice progression in this poem, I like the change from fear to excitement and the sensation of success. Considering your persona was a leaf, I found myself rather taken by him ;) Nicely written.

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Andy N

Mon 26th Jul 2010 08:17

very nice, cynthia.. really enjoyed this with a particularly strong ending... good one! x

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Joshua Van-Cook

Sun 25th Jul 2010 18:16

A very well written observational poem. I like the use of words such as 'raggedy' which give it an almost onomatopoeic feel.

- Josh

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sun 25th Jul 2010 12:41

Honestly, I can't always define the line between fantasy and sense. A thoughtful glance - a glancing thought - who knows?

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