Growing Pains


How you doin'?

How you doin', ok?

I hear you struggle

To find some light 

In your day


They say you're dancing

All alone on the floor

And treat your friends

Like they're not friends



Your Mother's wine

helps your mind to escape

And washes down all

the pills that you take


Such plagues of sorrow

To find in the young

That life can stop

before it's even begun 


Sometimes, living 

can flay you of life

And make you feel like

it's not worth the fight


If you're different and

not part of 'the crowd'

Life can be cruel

overwhelming & loud


A Game Of Thrones

played for schoolyard supremacy

Rejoice the fear!

In those pleading for clemency


Lord Of The Flies

In a cyberspace dream

A masquerade

Of infinite schemes


We can forget 

How hard it is for the young

Trying to jostle

For their place in the sun


But you who fall

To your knees in despair

Don't you forget 

There are others down there


You're not alone

With those thoughts in your head

Nor the only one crying

As you lay in your bed


One day, in the mirror

You'll like what you see

And realise how 

strong you can be


'Cos life is an ocean

Its tides ebb & flow

One day you'll settle

Upon your own shore


And there you'll stroll

With the world in your hand

And leave your footprints

In life's golden sand


So how you doin'?

How you doin', ok?

I hear tomorrow

Is a much brighter day.




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julie callaghan

Wed 16th Jun 2021 21:16

Thanks for this positive and encouraging write. 🌈🌈

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Stephen Gospage

Wed 16th Jun 2021 16:00

A sensitive, optimistic piece, Stephen.

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