Doctor Who Could Save Us

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Doctor Who Could Save Us

Foraging through the future,

burrowing amongst the past,

the good Doctor travels oh so far, 

but still cannot say how fast.

Companions he has often had,

but none can stay for ever,

as his life will be so very long,

so they could not stay together.

But fascination can be had

for each that takes a spin

inside his mighty Tardis,

new adventures to begin.

It seems as if their arrival,

at almost any port or place,

so often sees new dangers,

that befall the human race.

But one event that may prove to be

beyond the scope of his great skills,

could be us turning up the heat,

as we ever seek more techno thrills.

Perhaps in time he can pop back

and leave us all some clever clues,

of how to prevent our silly wars,

and not waste our time on blues.

But if it is in mans base nature,

to self destruct one reckless day,

let it be by means that do not,

kill all other life on the way.

Doctor who may yet save us

but not if we all fail to heed,

the messages that he leaves here

with which we could perchance suceed...


July 5th 2010


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Andy N

Tue 6th Jul 2010 23:01

i love doctor who

enjoyed this!

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