International Women's Day - 2021

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March the 8th 2021 is the date on the wall

A day of celebration to honour them one and all

International Women’s Day a time to duly reflect

For the women in your life and show due respect

It could be your loving mother so dear

That gave you the ultimate gift of life to revere

A wife or partner who guides you along the way

Through a world of trouble and strife day by day

A sister you watch flower blossom and grow

Into a strong beautiful woman of wonder all aglow


There are many pioneering defining women of note

Too many to mention but here are a few that get my vote

Joan of Arc was a warrior who would not repent

Burnt at the stake her life was ultimately spent

Florence Nightingale battled in the Crimean war

The lady of the lamp a nurse and saint for evermore

Emily Pankhurst a lass from up Manchester way

A suffragette and activist who gave women their say

Young Greta Thunberg definitely makes her mark

Challenging political leaders who preside over a future that is stark


When I resided in Russia it was celebrated a public holiday

Flowers, cards and chocolates were the expected gift

For wives, girlfriends, mothers and female colleagues

If you failed to honour the occasion there definitely would be a rift

It just remains for us all man and boy to say

To all the women of the world – Happy International Women’s Day   

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jennifer Malden

Sun 21st Mar 2021 19:55

Agree absolutely with the general idea, but WHY ISN'T THERE A MAN'S DAY? Obvious answer, because they still have it very much their own way!


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Tom Doolan

Mon 8th Mar 2021 19:16

Thanks for comments & likes - A girl, Julie, Aviva, Nazia & Stephen 😊👍

A Girl

Mon 8th Mar 2021 11:49

Thank you

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julie callaghan

Mon 8th Mar 2021 11:47

Thank you Tom

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