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In the valley of Indus, green flowers blooming, ever consuming
Hostilities brewing, no undoing the doing, bones entombing
Blood stewing in streets, red stained white sheets
Cannons from fleets, artillery fills beats backwards
The unheards, cut words, pills scored on billboards
Falling on our own swords, invoking false lords
Burning all the bridged boards, diving in after trellis
The lie is what the government doesn't tell us
Can't even spell us, don't mention U.S.A.
Gasoline pours down in the place of rain
Pills to relax my stupid brain, stay in my lane, just stay sane
Pull away plain, never seen from again, poured down the dirty drain
A master was once a child untrained
A head shot is just a human unbrained
Standing over creek like crane, white feathers remain
Pour bleach on stain, derail speeding train

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Alaia vibes

Fri 5th Mar 2021 18:16

Thank you so much!

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Stephen Atkinson

Thu 4th Mar 2021 20:21

Superb! 🤯

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