Alien Love

I know, somewhere, on the other side of the Universe,

An alien man and an alien woman seek

Love.  Light could not guide their course –

They did not have eyes; they could not see.

They had genuine intentions, they always did,

A family or whatever it is called there.

They would count every single beat

Of their hearts if they could only hear.

They were married.  They would never regret…

They decided to take life at a slow pace.

Its sweetness…  Every time their lips met

They would be ecstatic if they could taste.

Then, there came time to multiply.

They worked harder than ever in a thrill

To make love; but I should not lie,

You may have already guessed they could not feel.

Two hundred million long years passed

Not leaving a single breathing cell.

The two were lucky - when their time came at last,

They did not smell death because they could not smell.

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