So long

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It's been so long in this boat

We've been rowing

I can imagine the feeling of my feet touching ground

Circling, edging the deepness of the water to shallow

We never know anymore if its just quicksand

How would we risk flipping the boat to stand

We know where the pieces fit

We put them all back as the boat

There have been so many stormy nights at sea

Where the best of us are just as murky

When we can't decipher friend from foe

All the pain we sent below

We were cast off in search of an island

One where we could finally be safe

For every land we've ever stood

Had betrayed, dismembered us

I can still remember the shape

Of the hole in the middle of the boat

Right after

 Long after

How we've filled that hole

Kept rowing

Ever going

Searching the sea

For some type of safety

To dream of a land

Where we've be free to stand

Where the sun rise and sunset

Came from that direction each day

Where we could love and be loved

we've remembered were dreaming

The sea kicks up screaming

Wind howling blow by blow

Freezing finger til we didn't know

If they were still there

My hair in knots

No peace to ever sit and unwind

Our arms aren't sore anymore

The muscles know how to go

Even when my mind doesnt know

The water comes

Against us again

Ever pushing, pulling

We can choose to fight it

Then never move

We can row with it


Never knowing where it'll go

Waterfall, rapids and all

Can I trust the land I see

For my legs ache to stand

Let my body believe

That there is a land

I can see

Is it false

Then we fall

Hearing the wood ripping

As it tears our boat apart





Can the land before me

Hold me

Can the world before me

Adore me

Can I stand

Hold the hand

That leads me

Let me stand

Once again

For if we stand

There'd be no better protectors

Than the beaten

And the damned

For we know the depths of hell


We're happy to hand it out

We carry it in our pockets

We know well the scent

It was our descent

Knowing so

Makes all the difference

It swings our hammers

These muscles we've built

We've been rowing

It's been so long in this boat.



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