The Storm Inside

When I’m sad the sun sets and clouds roll in

When I’m sad the world’s cold and grey

Rain lashing down

With its somber, lonely sound

When I’m sad the worlds not okay


When I’m angry and annoyed the storm rages on

When I’m angry clouds beat on their chest

Sharp light in the skies

Piercing through my closed eyes

When I’m angry I simply can’t rest


When I’m afraid and unsure the darkness descends

When I’m afraid I feel all alone

Black shadows all around

Crawling, slithering sounds

When I’m afraid I’m all on my own 


When I’m happy and content the sun shines bright

When I’m happy the meadows will grow

Joy exudes from my heart

Friends never apart

When I’m happy I want all to know 


When I’m thrilled the snow falls and blankets the ground

When I’m thrilled the worlds a canvas before me

Snow angels and sledge fun

Building snowmen with everyone

When I’m thrilled it’s like Christmas is upon me 


When I’m confused the fog falls and obstructs my view

When I’m confused I can’t see my own thoughts

Lost in my own mind

With no roads and no signs

When I’m confused the worlds merely a blot 


For the feelings we all have are never wrong

They change like the weather before us

To get through to the light

We must endure the cold

The storms 

and night

For all that we feel makes us, us


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Aviva Rifka Bhandari

Mon 1st Feb 2021 12:29

This is outstanding. I find it to be beautifully introspective and portrays brilliantly well the connection between our own inner weather of feelings and how it affects our behaviour and view of the world around us.

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