Play It Cool

Play It Cool


ice cubes tumble

down the shoot

into glasses with a cling 


couples banter

servers scramble

you gently stir your drink


“Seat taken?”

a soft voice asks

your glass drips with condensation


she gestures to the bartender

one move pulls out the stool

for conversation 


“Uh, yes...I mean no!”

your head shakes 

your straw now somehow bent


she tosses her silky hair 

so near your nostrils

tingle with her scent 


you touch the terrain of

live edge wood

fingertips flirt with the table


she waits as the bartender pours

her eyes find yours

chemistry meant to be unstable 


her charisma warms

the space between

your temp ticks up a notch


she wants to

get to know you 

like a brand new Scotch 


she swirls it

then noses it

dram comes alive in her hand 


one sip coats her palate

her throat then feels it

in the end 


too soon to share too much

she hasn’t even

asked your name


“How are you tonight?”

you lean in to learn

the rules of her game



© Candice Reineke 2020








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Candice Reineke

Mon 21st Dec 2020 20:43

Thanks, Stephen! Lately, I’ve been savoring a Macallan 15. 😊

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Stephen Atkinson

Mon 21st Dec 2020 20:10

Mines a John Smith's 😊 Very cool poem, placed me back upon a barstool (soon to be a thing of the past)

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