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Sapphic Stanza

Hear the faint chimes

Sapphic stanza: 4 lines - consisting of 3 lines of 11 syllables each  (hendecasyllabics)  each measured in the same  strictly prescribed feet - /,///,,/,/,  and the final prescribed line using 5 syllables - /,,//


Hear the faint chimes, music of nodding bluebells,

Tinkling-glass tones trembling on restless breezes,

Soundless wild blue notes from the woodland shadows.

God ringing prayer bells.

Cynthia Buell Thomas

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Mon 16th Apr 2018 02:26

really enjoyed your words spoken so clear.
thanks for sharing.

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Tue 22nd Jun 2010 12:32

Hi Cynthia - thanks for the explanation you left on my profile. You should post a copy here also - so that people might have some idea of the rigours you are writing under. I had no idea it was so complicated - such a hard thing to do but worth it, for that sense of achievement at the end! x

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Tue 22nd Jun 2010 08:51

Lovely Cynthia - you are leading the way with these structured poems.
I would have been tempted to go for 'trembling on the restless breeze' rather than breezes - no idea why - just prefer the sound of it.
Think I'd also prefer 'wild blue notes sounding from the woodland shadows'
Love the last line! x

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Andy N

Tue 22nd Jun 2010 08:06

well done Cynthia.. I really wouldn't have fancied tackling that.. Good Stuff - the 3rd line is my favourite! x

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Mon 21st Jun 2010 15:49

Beautiful Cynthia!
I can hear it...

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Mon 21st Jun 2010 15:45

This was difficult, surprisingly so. All input welcome to keep me on my toes.

Isobel suggested I include the prescribed 'feet':
lines 1,2 and 3:
/, // /,, /, /,

line 4: /,, //

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