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Immigrant Infiltration

Look out! Here come the immigrants,

They want your precious culture!

They’re after your fish n chips mate;

They’re a homogenous, savage vulture!


We don’t want your offerings-

Go back to where you came from

Take yourselves but leave the tea leaves;

They belong in the United Kingdom.


Look out! Here come the immigrants,

Bringing with them all their edibles!

Falafel tapas lentils curries

We fall for it all – incredible!


They’re tapping all our resources,

And infiltrating our olde language!

I see their flags in my precious country

And my heart’s overcome with anguish!

What future will my children have

When they’re learning Arabic at school?

Languages are good for the brain, they say-

Playing me for a fucking fool.


Look out for those bloody immigrants-

They’re the ones doing the shitty jobs

And sending money home to their dirty countries-

Well they pay penance to the angry mobs.


Not in my England, mate, I say

Not in my back garden!

You’re tolerated barely, if you queue properly,

And say thank you, please and pardon.


It’s not my fault you were born into a war

So what if my government started it?

You should have of thought of that in your mother’s womb:

They’re nothing I can do about it.


Watch out! It’s marching immigrants!

With their alien spirituality

They don’t get the World Cup-

How bloody fucked up!

And then they expect our charity?


We decide the borders mate,

We get to make the rules

And we don’t want you here in your black veils

Infiltrating our British schools.

We’re happy with the way our gals look:

We’ve the highest teen pregnancy rates to prove it

Show some respect to the broads of the UK,

And when you’re outdoors, remove it.


Look out! Now here come the immigrant-lovers

Protesting that we’re all one race

That’s not my issue man; there’s no room at the inn!

That’s facts, not Christian faith!


Look out! Here come more immigrants,

Bringing with them all their culture

Salsa capoeira African drumming

They're sucking Britishness up like a vulture!


We’ll get rid of all the culture leeches-

Give them 50 grand to leave

And then we can work on the next threat to my country-

Gays lesbians bis and inbetweens.


If you don’t look like me

Or talk like me

Eat what I eat

And passively agree

With what you read in the Sun

And the Daily Mail,

Then I want you out of my country-

You’re an epic fucking fail.




Hooray! There go the immigrants,

Taking with them all their culture

Now we’re left with just people like me...

Bring on the next Maggie Thatcher!




We were all immigrants once: we were all born into this world, without choice.

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John F Keane

Mon 12th Dec 2011 07:14

I liked this, but the issues are really complex. For example, because many aspects of British culture are dysfunctional (you mention high pregnancy rates, for instance) does that automatically make all immigrant contributions great? Are say, honour killings great? Isn't a more mature, modulated response than blanket approbation of immigrant cultures required?

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Dave Bradley

Mon 21st Jun 2010 11:01

Hi there Zion

Loved it, though it's a pity that the world is such that you have to write it. I'm involved with a charity helping asylum seekers, and there are so many stories of how people are treated with hostility/ lack of respect. Women are being put out on the street, there are literally hundreds destitute and depending on charity and friends. All to reduce the alleged 'pull factor' ramped up by our appalling press

Talking of the press, well done for taking a swipe at the Daily Mail. Check out

<Deleted User> (8159)

Sun 20th Jun 2010 18:50

da-da! :-)

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Sun 20th Jun 2010 17:36

Hi Zion,
Just wanted to let you know I enjoyed this poem!Unfortunately a lot of people do seem to subscribe to narrow-mindedness nowadays!

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