Perfect Storm

Unbalanced on the waves at sea

Tossing and turning

I’ve lost all my bearings

For one moment I turned my head away

Just long enough for you

To push me over board


In these waters 

In these cold and suffocating waves

I will meet my final test

Will I go under

Will I go under


I will not

Survive this

I put the knife to my throat

Better a quick and painless death

Than to succumb

To the darkness below

How can I survive this

How can I make it to shore

I will meet my end here

I will draw my final breath


As I lock my eyes with yours

I can see the smile

Barely curling on your lips 

With what intention

Have you sent me

To my resting place


In these waters

In these cold and suffocating waves

I have met my final test

As I go under

As I go under



Under the water’s surface


Under the roiling waves

I find my peace

I find my peace

Under the surface I find my rest

◄ Crystal Clear

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