Crystal Clear

This is where I run away and hide.

I thought you knew that. 

This is the only safe place I have ever known

and I’m having trouble letting go.  

I wish I could say I never saw this coming,

but we both know I can’t. 

No, we both know we can’t. 


Yet still there flickers this glimmering

of hope that I first found with you.  

Oh, I know that it once shown brighter. 

Then again, we’ve seen brighter days. 


What didn’t kill us just crippled us. 

It left us tattered and maimed.  

And what was left

we destroyed 

over and again!


My God, but I love you!

I can’t help but adore you. 

It’s written in my DNA. 

I’ll always have a place for you

burned into the flesh of my heart.

And no matter the distance apart,

I’ll never stop loving you.  

This much is true.  


You have captured my heart

like no one before you.  

You took me your slave

and oh, how I went willingly!

You made me your man

but what a boy I’ve turned out to be.  


I don’t know how

to come back from this place,

but when I see your face

I can’t help but be heartbroken.   

I have broken you.  

You have broken me too.  

Then again, we were both well broken souls 

long, long before. 


So now I sleep outside your window

loving you from much too far away.  

I should be there on your pillow,

bleeding at your side

even though you’re killing me.  

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