Do you have "IT"

Can you see what you are not looking at?

Can you hear what you are not listing to?

Can you feel what you have not touched?

Can you smell and taste your visions?

Can you think with your mind, and decide with your gut? 

Can you understand something immediately,

Without the need for conscious reasoning?

Have you thought to yourself,  YES  already?

You have  "IT".  Your (sixth) sense.

Made of,  Intuition, Insight, and Intelligence. 

Practiced by the astute.

Perfected by few.   Like me.

And maybe you.


By JD Bardo

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Paul Sayer

Mon 30th Nov 2020 11:26

I have never been without it J.D.

Which makes it difficult for me to comment.
I can not imagine what life must be like without it.

However, I can and do see daily, the difference between people like your good self and me.

My whole life I have lived wishing that those without 'it' would use the five they have more efficiently.

I understand that very very few readers will understand my comment.

In conclusion I must add...

We ALL have it!


if you believe you do
or conversely believe you don't

You are right.


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