My life

My life is like boating in a barrel.

Around in circles.

With nothing new to explore.

Going nowhere fast.

Like my boat only has one oar.

Or,  maybe in a room with four walls.

And not having a door.

And life says, in your room, nothing to rest on.

Not even a floor.

And do not reach for the ceiling.

It is endless space, "closing in".

Trapping my mind with freedom of thought.

Only causing confusion, with a clarity I cannot ignore.

And the more that I think, I begin to make the link.

That around in circles,  for my mind.

Is what is in store.

This repetition... really a bore...


By JD Bardo

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Paul Sayer

Sat 28th Nov 2020 07:29

Keep on looking JD
I'm sure you'll find
a way out, the doorway
to exit your bind.

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