Closure (My Dear John Letter)

Toxicity in human form
Your rage issues are crazy 
No ambition, degenerate bitch
Inconsiderate, ridiculously lazy

I’m sure you can’t stand the fact
I’m describing you with such candor
We lasted for 3 months what can I say
I must have lowered my standards 

Up my ass, go through my things
Nosy and super possessive
A wolf in sheep’s clothing, angry, jealous
A fraud, fake and obsessive

Treat people poorly, egomaniacal 
I wish you were more humble
When you fall on your face and 
Break bones what a waste
I’ll make popcorn while I watch your world crumble

To an outsider this must all seem
Like I’m the mean one, but you’re evil
Motivated by greed, sadly all your energys spent on fooling the most caring of people 

Build them up, break them down, it makes 
Up Your diabolical plan
We didn’t work out, thank God for that
You are a boy when I needed a man.

A step below mediocre, insecurities rampant 
so ugly inside
People like you get what’s coming 
You can run but you cannot hide

Karmic reaction is absolute
Sometimes it just needs a shove
Especially while playing with peoples hearts, I can hate just as hard as I’ve loved

You are an example of why I don’t trust
Vulnerability is overrated 
Yet I refuse to let your brief presence
Disrupt me, I will not be broken and jaded

Your immaturity worked on levels
Never witnessed or experienced before 
When I tried to leave several times, you threatened suicide and blocked the door

Punched four holes in the walls
As you screamed and yelled like a child
Your behavior worse than a tantrum
It’s sick, it’s twisted, it's vile

You speak of abandonment issues
You want someone who just won’t leave
You turn things around, repeat my 
words as yours, this would be my poetic pet peeves. 

Interrupt each fucking word I say
Extreme rage you stay on the defensive 
Make endless excuses, please seek therapy, that of which is most extensive.

I finally don’t miss you don’t want to kiss you or fuck you ever again,
It’s true, boo, it’s really not me it’s all you
Now someone else gets to watch you pretend.  

Fake tears, fabricated fears
Claims of child abuse
If you were this way when you were a kid 
I would’ve kicked your ass too.

Deception and pathetic games
Ridiculous waste of time
Shame on you and embarrassed myself 
When I proudly told people you’re mine.  

You never had to do time in prison
To be a human trash bag and con
No ones beneath you, now my name should be karma and yours should be fittingly, John.

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D.W. Hamilton

Tue 24th Nov 2020 04:43

Preach Sister.

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Paul Sayer

Mon 23rd Nov 2020 23:13

How right you are John.

What a guy. BD the master of them all.

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John Coopey

Mon 23rd Nov 2020 21:46

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Paul Sayer

Mon 23rd Nov 2020 18:46

"I’ll make popcorn while I watch your world crumble."

Perfect line! Perfect stand.

Great poem.


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