A professor of medicine from Chile

Is conducting research you'd think silly

His study comprises

Comparing the sizes

(I can see that you've guessed) of men's willies.


It seems the good Doctor's detected

Amongst the sample selected

That penises fall

Into “normal” or “small”

(That's under 2 inch when erected).


But a problem has hit his research

And left the poor Prof in the lurch

He's run out of weenies

With miniscule penes

And needs to commence a fresh search


Yes, he's run out of men, I reveal

With undersized cocks they conceal;

The range of his sample

Is nowhere near ample

And hence he sends out this appeal.


I seek men from near and afar

With todgers that's well below par;

Show a sign; wear a tag;

Or fly a white flag

With a red cross, attached to your car”.

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Anthony Emmerson

Mon 14th Jun 2010 23:28

Shame about the Swiss and the "Red Cross" though John. As a confessional, one diappointed ex once informed me that if I had two inches less I'd have a four inch f***y!


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Dave Carr

Mon 14th Jun 2010 17:18

A bit harsh, I thought, on our patriotic supporters.
But funny.

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kath hewitt

Fri 11th Jun 2010 23:00

This is good and i didn't expect the outcome, made me laugh. Well written x

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