A deeply depressed witch deprived of trick or treating in tier three

I am a witch in tier three,

No trick or treating for you and me !

Around my neighbourhood I cannot zoom,

Depressed and dismal in a pool of gloom.


I'm sometimes described as a bad tempered witch,

I fly off the handle and become a bitch.

When at school I frequently rebelled, 

On two occasions I was ex-pelled.

The only subject I did really well,

Was English where I learnt how to spell.


I lived with my twin who was also a witch,

People when they saw us didn't know which was witch.

Witch apparel she really hates,

But despite that we were broom mates.


Tier three was not much fun,

On my broom I flew to tier one.

Witch and famous I became,

Weather forcasting became my game.


A very rich man fortunately  I did  meet ,

With my broom ,I  swept him off his feet.

Trick or treating was no longer a need for me,

So happily we moved back to tier three.








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M.C. Newberry

Wed 28th Oct 2020 14:09

Your rich man was clearly also a "witch" man. 😈

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