The Sundown Syndrome


There is a growing population

of people like me

who are okay during the day

but when the sun goes down

we fall into into a state of lethargy

much like a lizard under a rock

our energy drained

we lose alertness

we run out of  gas

we slowly close our eyes

as the TV drones

and draws us inevitably into sleep

yet in our sleep we dream such energetic dreams

much more vivid than reality

so this must be where our energy goes

as we nod off to Neverland 

to a place where we are young again

our bodies strong

and all the hurdles low

we win the race in dreams

in real life we are sapped of our strength

fatigued by the business of day

so when the sun goes down

so do we

a clump on the couch

that younger people stare at

astounded that a giant lizard

got into the house.



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