Aversion Therapy

Sounds a bit John Donne

Breasts and thighs so firm,

Lying cold at the mercy of

That fruity graveyard worm


With age you consider more

The destiny of your remains

When time puts an end to

Yearsful of aches and pains


Bodies decay, even one as

Delicious as bonny Linda's,

Whatever made her stipulate

Bowing out in hot cinders?


Either way she's history

Torso's turned to smoke,

I wont be feeling it again

Nor will any other bloke


On her beloved allotment

Of worms Linda did learn,

Spurning inhumation for

A copper, worm-free urn


aversion therapycindersgraveyardJohn Donneurnworm

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 15th Oct 2020 16:34

Sardonically stimulating - I enjoyed this - with its lines that show
seductive Linda as essentially a down to earth sort when all is said
and done ! 😏

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