Old Ideas---a poem by O.L. Buzzerd


Lotta people say

I lost my mind

when they get upset

or if they don't get their way

I think that there is a funny expression


I lost my mind once

but I found it again real easy

like my glasses

it was right there on top of my head


all my old ideas were still in it

just like before

no damage or loss of content


I'll bet there's a junk yard somewhere

filled up with old wrecked ideas


you can go in and wander around

pick out some old ideas

on the cheap

bargains if you would


old ideas may be used up and thrown out

but they can be recycled and

made to work again

good as new


they are still good

they last longer

cause they ain't made out of plastic


I don't like new ideas

matter of fact

I don't like anything new


old stuff is better

what's been around and lasted

through time


I am in the same boat

an old-timer

waiting for my time

to come back around.



-O.L. Buzzerd

( running on Old Fossil fuel)





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