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Some men are so energetic,

Earn money working hard.

Their words are so poetic,

That’s what you regard.

But...after drinking alcohol

They become worse a bull,

They behave like a monkey,

They spend money like a donkey.





A woman who drives a car at night


Can shine as the moonlight.


You will notice her by all means.


But… it seems


She will not notice you,


You will not have time to skew.


The result you know –


Blow, carburettor’s flow, tow….







Theatre is not his passion,


but once a year,


as for a good lesson,


he takes his wife to listen to “Othello”,


to see that jealous fellow,


for her to know –


husband can be strict


and makes his own verdict.






All men are scoundrels,


And you are an old pig too.


You could be my grandfather,


an old bequeather.


You say you are rich?


Oh, you son of a bitch!


I take my words back,


I want to marry you.


Let’s have a sack!


I want to say a toast


for our happiness,


to end your loneliness.







For every woman my advice:


It is certainly nice


to read Kama Sutra,


to know who was Palaliputra.


But… when your husband is hungry


You better be in a hurry


And take another book


which tells you how to cook.


After good and tasty meal


he will satisfy your will.



Larisa R (Odessa, Ukraine)


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Larisa Rzhepishevska

Sat 5th Jun 2010 18:43

Thank you Stefan.

<Deleted User> (6895)

Sat 5th Jun 2010 18:35

Choice between bacon butties and rumpy-pumpy? no contest...bacon butties wins hands down every time! lol! the other is handy as dessert...with all the trimmings! keep well lovely Lady-loved the poem-Stefan-x

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Sat 5th Jun 2010 17:38

I think you were rather restrained with your last line there Larisa LOL...
Love the picture and the quirky nature of your poetry. I imagine you to be a Russian version of Zsa Zsa Gabor - with all the attitude!

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