I write you a letter, don't worry why
I am the muse of poetry; I write.
You call me the dark side of the moon
that's alright, we don't really have names.
You have the bright and beautiful face 
that inspires humankind through all it's phases
I am well contented sharing your being
plus my proud thrill of invisibity.
I write you a letter but wish it were a conversation.
I long to simply orbit our sun in glory - I know you do too!
But our fate is to revolve around this earth.
And together we move the mighty tides.
I hear the cries of discord and imagine
all the things you must witness.
My unmoving dust has nothing to offer
but a letter of consolation, a poem and
if I had my wish, a conversation,
which I love to concieve of as a union 
of such incredible power,
the strength thriving there
must surely change everything.

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