My Stubborn Heart

It's romance that I despise
There's an extreme hatred rooted deep Inside 
I watch the way the universe caves in with intense devotion and in envious disdain, I roll my eyes. 
My attitude wasn't always this way
But after painful memories and plenty of time, I've grown a bit too comfortable with solitude to break my selfish habits. 
Dedicated to independence,
I find peace in my lonesome complaints.
For the fear of heartbreak 
I'll run away. 
I decline every smooth, one-lined invitation
Refuse all opportunities to stumble in an intoxicated passion down the hall. 
I'm the ruler of this life I live and I'm better on my own. 
But you,
You Philosophical heartthrob
You make me feel
I blur the lines of my freedom when we talk.
Why is it you that I have this connection to?
In case you ever wonder
I'd like to run my fingers through your hair and learn the entirety of your being. Body, mind, and soul. 
I want to know the way you taste as well as your darkest thoughts.
Let me be the one to take all your anxiety and trade it for tranquility.
I wish to hear your laughter and make it my new favorite song. 
But I can't,
It's a silly idea to have
You are there and I am here
And quite honestly
I'm much too headstrong to let you in. 


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New Shoes

Mon 19th Oct 2020 03:58

It's a gooden! Billy Ray Cyrus' Aky Breaky Heart started playing in my head a quarter of the way through

Nicola Beckett

Sun 11th Oct 2020 02:07

Being headstrong is a strength. I let my heart rule sometimes and it can cause me pain x you have to put the barriers up sometimes though and protect yourself personally I love romance I'm a bit of a sucker for it. X lol

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Miles Thomson

Sat 10th Oct 2020 21:54


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Martin Elder

Fri 9th Oct 2020 19:27

Beautifully and wonderfully put with that great final line.


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Fri 9th Oct 2020 13:22

Love this one! 🖤

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Flavia Gordon

Fri 9th Oct 2020 04:05

A sentiment I am much too familiar with. This is heartbreakingly beautiful. Your poems are consistently awe-inspiring.

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