Irlen Syndrome

I thought I’d try reading again

But when my eyes scan across that off-white page

The words animate….

                          Slippery                                   little


As I try focus on one,

The next j s l s in front of it

               o t e


What I’m about to read distracting

Me from what I am reading…..

Its not the spelling, I was always top at that!

Its pinning down the words

Comprehensible in sentence to a

Into a comprehensible sentence,

While trying not to read the same line twice

The same line twice.

I’ve tried reading in blue, red, green,

With a reading ruler,

Reading glasses and

A magnifying glass

But the words








And don’t get me started on numbers!!!




◄ Easy Fix

W.H.O. ►


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Stephen Atkinson

Sun 4th Oct 2020 15:05

I'd never heard of this syndrome & like Julie it made me use the all knowing Google to find out. Great style.

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julie callaghan

Sun 4th Oct 2020 14:18

Clever and made me look up syndrome.

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