Hippocampus and Friend


Hippocampus and Friend

Side saddled on the flame horned sea horse
Fingering those delicate antlers as with remorse
A fairy mermaid lingered most lovingly
Thinking she should never leave him lonely

Hippocampus coronatus we know him by
A name so regal that we may wonder why
His status is not celebrated so much more
From Japanese coasts to every Pacific shore

Yellow and brown he settled down amid the sargassum
Aware he is so hard there to be seen by some
Of the predators that might upon spotting them come
And snatch his friendly fairy from his back in one
Fast and toothy visitation as might be missed in just one blink
Other species depart at speed behind their covering cloud of ink

But gentle and dainty is this sea lord who tends to watch his young
Much better and much longer than his mate who whilst she may be their mum
Ceases to be so fond of time with her brood after she has passes to him her spawn
Alone amongst the males his genus give birth while his head moves as if in a yawn
Will the fairy mermaid visit him then and pat each new born tot with care
Bringing them clouds of plankton that she may express from a bag of gossamer

Let us build ourselves a hide now and visit here once more
The enchantment of the scene just now is not too far from shore
And if we leave a marker buoy we can find our way again
Next time we'll bring a camera to capture him and his friend
For rare as Hippocampus are we have seen them shown on line
But to show the world a fairy mermaid it would be the very first time

April 7th 2009


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Ann Foxglove

Mon 31st May 2010 16:45

Enchantment indeed! What a lovely description of a daddy seahorse! xx

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