What are these feelings floating within

A mix of blue and of green

On a serious note I look again

Only to find what was already in my mind

Silences between is decreasing the distances

Bonds are strengthened at each interval

Glances exchanged hypnotically through telepathy

Is there anything more you imagine and see

Dreams that swim within the confines of our minds

Letting not the heart achieve its contentment and peace

Follow not the orders negative and vile advices

As was always, now look heavenward for further advances

When the rain shall bring blessings heavenly 

Drenching us with love  friendship and a bond eternally 

Then will we witness the true ambience of totality 

Beaming with sweetly fragrant hopes and shunning away anxiety

Reassuring each day from my heart to thine

Love I harboured for you is incessantly increasing

Softly enveloping me in feelings so sincerely felt

From my rooh to my bone and from my mind's reality to my body

Pulses getting wilder and the shyness of my heartbeats

Helps me step forward as I relax and let my feelings breathe

An air of peaceful contentment sprayed with lavishly rich colours of fulfillment 

And then to hear the melodious songs singing each lyric with utmost loving ease

So here I stand on the pedestal of love, like juliet in her balcony

Shouting out politely to her Romeo, to gently free her from anxious thoughts 

On the galloping steeds to ride our way into the greenest greens

To forever live in love amongst the waterfalls and cascading trees 

A palace of dreams with walls of commitment and roofs so high as eagle's soaring above

Into those feelings of joyous rides I once again proclaim my love for thee

And peacefully await the hours, the approaching times, expectantly happily

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Wed 9th Sep 2020 10:56

Thank you Keith!!🌷

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Wed 9th Sep 2020 10:55

Thanks Po!!💕

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keith jeffries

Fri 4th Sep 2020 11:04

This flows beautifully with some amazing descriptions. It was a pleasure to read and in such contrast to a world which is ridden with pessimism and bereft of hope. My favourite line is " follow not the orders negative and vile advices".

Thank you for this


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Paul Sayer

Fri 4th Sep 2020 08:36

This is more like it... Super piece of prose!


(Still here)

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