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To my favourite student Sonya

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This poem I devote to my student I dote,

To my beautiful Sonya.

May be she’ll be a lawyer

As she hates deceivers

And think how to overcome rough rivers.

May be she’ll be an actress

As she can imitate anyone perfectly well

And her voice sounds like a bell.

So, may be she’ll be a famous singer

Or a well-known writer

As her imagination is great.

She would like to meet with the aliens

And get a residence on another planet.

I think if she now plans it

Without any debate

She’ll always be on a high rate

With a happy fate.

She could be a well-known designer

As her drawings are beautiful

With a lot of fantasy and still dutiful.

Life will show her which road to chose,

But I am sure she will never lose.

She will use all her talents

Not for her parents

But for herself

Understanding and value

The beauty of life itself,

Knowing that happiness is not in money

But in the days that are sunny,

In that one who is a crony

With a stony and noble action,

With the human attraction.

And here is, my dearest friend,

Something I would like to portend:

Your life road won’t be always easy,

Some days can be stormy or breezy,

But you must walk it with patience and valiance,

Hating any violence

And if fighting then only for peace and love.

For a king calling you: You are my dove.


Larisa R (Odessa, Ukraine)


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