Oh America

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Oh America


Sometimes I want

To give you lot

A collective thump

This time ‘cause of

….I can’t even be arsed to say his name.


Oh America

Your doing it again

Inflicting on the world

That special pain

Yet again.


Oh America

Land of the free

And columbine

I’m so bloody pleased

Your not mine.


Oh America

You gave us Ginsberg

We learned the beats

And loved Bob Dylan and Kerouak

And found us Einstein

What a great day

Then you gave us Pinochet.


Oh America

You gave us Beat

Who danced their freedom

On threadbare feet high and low

But you also gave us Fascists with dominoes.

From Washington with a bullet

Made in the camp of the Americas.


Oh America

“Free societies are hopeful societies”.

This one gave me a warm rush

Then disbelief a little push

That was said by W Bush!


Oh America

You gave us Martin Luther King

They gave us hope for life

A wonderful human beautiful man

Then he was murdered by a right wing gang.

And still "oh mama, oh mama I can't breathe"


Oh America

You suffered the twin towers

everyone picked a painful flower

You got love from every power

Then you went and sent it back

Invading the country of Iraq.


Oh America

On road and rail with Kerouac

Howling with Ginsberg

Smoke filled bars

Bob Dylans forever young,

with the beautiful Joan Baez.

Big steel cars.



Oh America

The journeys of youth

Young people at school

searching for themselves

Searching for their freedom

On the Road or Harper Lee

Now it arrives not with a book or a play.

But with guns every single day.


Oh America

We stood enthralled at the rat pack

Democrats with whirling feet

Voices like beautiful caress to our ears

And beating rhythms high and low.

As the guys sang and danced

Old blue eyes won votes for Kennedy

Then you wouldn’t let Sammie Davies in for tea.


Oh America

of Dylan and Morrison

Burroughs, Warhol and Patti Smith

Cascading words to open eyes

Like verbal matchsticks

Dispensing learning and love to you and me

And the FBI had you all under scrutiny.


Oh America land of the free

Overwhelming dishonesty

Standing on clay feet of bigotry

Histrionic history

Oil flowing in societies veins

Trample on peace peoples remains.


Oh America

Please don’t leave us

Yet again with sweating smudgy faces to fear

With one of your awful arrogant lying men

Who asks over a plate of glutton

Anyone remember where I put that button?

The button pressed on Dealey Plaza

With a magic bullet and a sackful of lies.


Oh America

I’m sick of your pretentious onerous onanistic

Politics inflicted against our will

Upon a world that hopes

But just gets shafted one more time

in our time of need

By your unsurpassable fucking greed!

and "I can't breathe".


Oh America

IS It possible technology will surpass

The putrid stupifactory greed

Of those oil based rich

Won on Cretaceous black.

And coal driven from pliocene.

And stab those haters in the back!

NO, cause now they’ve got the drones to attack.


Oh America

Doesn’t somehow dinosaur

Have that ring as you start to think

About people like Bush and Trump and Ronnie Reagan

And his best girl yes you betcha

Hateful old Maggie Thatcher and now fat boy Boris.

And sadly we concur phoney murderous backstabbing Blair.

Does that describe better their path?


Doesn’t for me

Ive always called em narcissist or psychopath.

◄ Blues for David.

Thank you ►


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Paul Sayer

Tue 4th Aug 2020 08:01

Eat your fucking heart out Dylan... Sorry Bob!

There is a new kid on the block.

Dam this is bloody masterful.

I am on my third read already and I have not had my coffee yet.

Unheard of!


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