A Tanka and a Haiku about the rain

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Falling deep the rain
Traps you in the meadows
Changing all your plans
Into a sudden retreat
before you got to the bridge


Bombarding the bridge
The rain falls over the top 
Like tears in your eyes

◄ Sailing the storms home

A Tanka and a Haiku about after the storm has passed ►


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Andy N

Sun 9th Aug 2020 21:09

Thanks to Nigel for the like. Always great hearing from you buddy (:

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Andy N

Mon 27th Jul 2020 21:39

Thanks LEON STOLGARD. Glad you liked it (:

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Andy N

Mon 27th Jul 2020 20:50

Hi Ruth, I hadn't heard of them until a week or three ago myself. Some people have described as a extended haiku almost with lines that the following syllable count 5, 7, 5 , 7 and 7. I'm trying to write a haiku a day at the moment and sometimes these have been creeping out too.

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Ruth O'Reilly

Mon 27th Jul 2020 19:01

You've introduced me to something new here Andy as I've never heard of A Tanka!

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Andy N

Mon 27th Jul 2020 18:29

Thanks Anmolpreet Kaur for the like. Means a lot you like (:

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Andy N

Mon 27th Jul 2020 18:20

Thanks Lorna. I'm on a challenge to write a haiku every day and on some days have been doing a Tanka also. Today's inspiration was the rain. I'm working from home currently and that's all I could see today... The Rain (:😀

Lorna Brooks

Mon 27th Jul 2020 18:12

Read these with rain pelting down and really enjoyed them. The military words seem a good fit.

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