Tug Of War

Sweat and tears and laughter flowing through
Your body while your friends cheer you
On, and cheer your opponent on.

You both want to win, but in order for one of you
To win, the other has to lose. 

It starts off friendly, tentative
You keep eye contact, you smile
You want to enjoy the comradery.

There are no sides according to your audience
But both of you know that there is 
A right side, and a wrong side
And both of you are on it.

As the game continues, your heart
Rate increases. Your fingers throb 
On the unforgiving thorns of the rope.
Both of you are in pain.

You keep your hold, perserverence 
Pushed by the encouragement of your 
Kin and the pride elevating you from your

By this time, you want to give up.
It hurts, you're tired, 
Yet you want to win so badly
Both of you are losing.

As tears form in your eyes, and a light trickle
Of sweat rolls down your forehead, 
Your breathing ragged, your legs shaking,
You lock eyes with your opponent friend
Both of you will not give up.

The line of victory is closing in, 
You have the advantage, you are 
Almost there.
But what do you get if you win?

Who is actually the winner?

With assured apprehension,
You let go.
The rope goes limp, your opponent falls 
Back, and you cross the line.

Your hands ache and sting
Drawn blood beats with the speed 
Of your heart.
You breathe in deeply.

You smile.

letting go

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Maddie Wilson

Wed 22nd Jul 2020 17:39

backstroke swimming, boom 😛

<Deleted User> (18980)

Wed 22nd Jul 2020 17:07

I believe it's the only sport where you go backwards to win, though I stand to be corrected.

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