Time For A Change


Humanity has reached the next stage of its evolution,
The time has come to evolve or die,
Of all creatures we alone have the power to find the solution,
It’s just a question of, “when,” and, How,” now, we’re long past, “Why,”
It’s clear that there is no other way for us than progression,
There’s no going back to a simpler, “Stone age,” existence,
It’s true, our future does not lie in regression,
So embrace the way ahead with resolute persistence,
We have to take the next path, the next, “giant leap for mankind,”
To value, “What we need,” rather than, “All that we desire,”
To quench the flames of greed in every heart and mind,
To, “Plant the fruitful seed,” not, “Fan the raging fire,”
We are the last of kind, all other hominids extinct,
And unless we use these, “Big brains,” we’re going the same way,
So stop your mindless consumption, and sit a while and think,
Because we’re wise enough to see the coming of our final day,
If you think this world belongs to you, you’ve failed to see the truth,
If you think that having all you want is your, “God given right,”
Just remember all the debts accrued in the dawn of youth,
Will come to haunt your dreams in the ever aging night,
But there is another way, a path which we must take,
The road that asks most questions will lead to the solution,
And though it is the hardest, we must walk on for all our sakes,
Because the signpost is most clear, “This way to evolution,”
“This way to giving back as much as you take out,”
“This way to living graciously with minimal regret,”
“This way to the one truth of which you must not doubt,”
“Nothing is without cost and it’s time to pay your debt.”


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