The Game


There are no real set rules, just guidelines,
Just some social norms to which we all conform just to keep the peace,
So don’t accept the stereotypes, swipe left on their mind games,
Set your own standards, your own goals, your own value system and beliefs,
I mean, don’t disregard good advice, but don’t accept it blindly,
‘Cos every day’s a school day and those that say it aint,
Are just plain fucking lying or they’ve underestimated wildly,
The complexities of living with a little self restraint,
Don’t be paralysed by worry or crippled by anxiety,
But also don’t just tell yourself that it’ll all work out alright,
‘Cos it takes advanced thinking skills to navigate society,
But we’re all in it together and we’ll work to get it right,
Live for the day but keep an eye on tomorrow,
Don’t get me wrong, the truth is, you can’t control your fate,
But there’s always threads of hope woven even into sorrow,
So dry your eyes, clear your mind and take some time to contemplate,
In the depths of despair or joy there always lies a choice,
You can only play the hand you’re dealt, so play it true and straight,
And stake your claim with honour and a true heart and clear voice,
‘Cos win or lose, the big news is the chance you get to play,
The odds may be against you or you might rake in a pile,
But either way there’s only one thing in which you have a say,
To face either of those outcomes with acceptance and a smile,
Smile for the lessons learnt by those that tried and failed,
Smile for the times you cleaned up and broke the bank,
Smile for the times you lost and those that you prevailed,
For the chance to play the game at all is what you should give thanks.

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