Dark Comforter

Oh, Dark Comforter,

I’ve come home to you again

to be held once more in your embrace.

And with what pity you hold me

as you whisper in my ear

the shameful things that keep me close

and coming back to you.

You have been my closest friend,

blanketing me with your love,

so heavy, so familiar.

And as I lay weeping there in your arms

you swallow my tears,

and give me reason for more,

to satisfy your thirst for my misery.

And in some way you satisfy me too

while all the same leaving me

more empty than the last time,

more hollow than before,

but still wanting more of you.


Your words still ring

in the depths of my mind,

swirling like smoke,

mixing with my thoughts

until I don’t know which is me

and what is of you.

Oh, your crippling comfort

has bound me in chains

for so very long.

I thought you were my refuge.

You were my hiding place.

I trusted you to keep me safe.

You promised so many things,

and try to seduce me still

to lure me once more into your bosom.

And still I am so week against your charms,

so easily deceived by your entrapments.


Death dealer you are!

You suck me dry,

leave me wanting more.

Cold hearted you are!

You never cared for me.

You only used me.

Death dealer you are!

Left me for dead

when you were done with me.


Still I come back to you

when you call my name.

Still I long for the touch of your hand.

In my weakest moments

my heart still yearns for your company,

and I know you would receive me

and readily welcome me back.

But you’re a counterfeit

and I don’t love you anymore.

Though I fall so easily into your arms

you make me sick in my soul,

and the kisses of your mouth

drip with honey sweet venom

poisoning my heart.

Yet I know we’ll meet again

and your fingers will reach out to me

and touch my face

beckoning me to return.

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Darkness, Farewell ►


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Sun 24th Jan 2021 01:43

Aviva, ☺️!

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Thu 23rd Jul 2020 05:01

Thank you. The Darkness was my home for almost two decades. It was the place within myself that I would withdraw to and shut the world out. I’m glad you enjoyed the read.

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Jordyn Elizabeth

Thu 23rd Jul 2020 04:30

Wow am I glad I took time to give this a read. Full of confusion and depth, well done.


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Wed 22nd Jul 2020 23:41

Thank you for the like, Po!

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