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women power

she is the Rabbaitul Bait

under her feet lies jannat

born from her womb

yet she is looked down upon


fatima (r.a) daughter of Muhammad (p.b.u.h)

most beloved to the prophet (s.a.w)

held the highest place in Ali's (r.a) heart

today women live under the feet of father and husband


her tears irritates men

she is called sissy and vulnerable

thought weak and over sensitive

judged to be looking for attention


attention seeker, cos she gets none

weak, cos she is not protected

vulnerable, cos she lived in fear

all flaws in her, cos she's assumed to be flawless


women leaders in todays' time

are the best examples of their kind

Jacinda Ardern a class of her kind

with a newborn baby she stood against all odds


don't ever underestimate a woman

she if silent is the most fierce

her tears are her strength

her love isn't prejudiced


like a lion licking her wounds

she keeps moving ahead in life

wounds licked like a dog to sit in a place

she like a lion keeps marching on



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<Deleted User> (24803)

Thu 16th Jul 2020 02:06

Thank you Po- wer generator.

Thank you Don.

That was a great way of looking at it Abdul. Encouraging words indeed.

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Don Matthews

Wed 15th Jul 2020 23:05

So good Ghazala......

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Abdul Ahmad

Wed 15th Jul 2020 21:45

Outward appearance of weakness can often be sign of inner strenght and self belief.

The silent ones make better assessment of awkward situations.

Well told poem.

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Paul Sayer

Wed 15th Jul 2020 18:39

Superbly written piece Ghaz.

Power to you and all you hold dear.

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