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I Wrote a Line (with apologies to Johnny Cash)

I keep my notebook open all the time

I keep my pencil lead sharp and very fine

One night I sat and stared from six till nine

In all that time, I wrote a line


This bloody writing takes up all my time

The words go spinning round inside my mind

My brain is always searching for a rhyme

Because one time, I wrote a line.


I've got a real bad case of writer's block

I feel I'm always up against the clock

If I come up with somthing I'm in shock

Last night was fine, I wrote a line


Perhaps my brain's gone rusty over time

I tried some WD40 mixed with wine

And tumbling keep the words now just out fine

Many's the time, I wrote a line


Now I just sit here rocking all the time

I wear the straightest jacket they coud find

And now my mouth and brain just won't align

They won't align, I wrote a line.


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Dave Carr

Fri 28th May 2010 15:03

Have you ever drunk WD40 mixed with wine and tried to say "And now the words keep tumbling out just fine?"

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Rodney Wood

Fri 28th May 2010 14:25

Nice one indeed but what does "And tumbling keep the words now just out fine" mean?

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Anthony Emmerson

Wed 19th May 2010 01:08

Hi Dave,

I love it when someone takes an idea (or a line for that matter) and runs with it. Made me smile with humour and admiration. I reckon "The Man in Black" will be smiling too.


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