Standing Still Stoned

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Standing Still Stoned


Standing still

In the rain.

I’m waiting for


Someone to come

Save me.

I’ve smoked too much.

Stoned view of world.

Distorted extended

Feel apprehended.

Someone shuffles by

Looks at me

Then looks at his feet!

“Oh no I’ve done too much”

Or maybe not enough.

Thats me in the shadow.

From the neon light.

“Kebabs pizzas”.

My legs feel slow.

I try a shuffle.

I want to laugh

Then I want to cry.

I’ve done too much.

Now there’s a fear

Now there’s paranoia.

So I stand still in the rain

In the flashing

Blue, green, yellow


I’ll have a kebab.


Counting pennies

Not enough for

The kebab

And the bus.

I get the kebab 

And walk stumbling


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Tue 14th Jul 2020 21:44

Enjoyed this Phil.

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Tue 14th Jul 2020 19:56

Quite scary stuff Phil. Like Bukowski without the anger. It brings back memories for me of a life at low level when I gave up a cushy job to be a muso.


Katie Wilson

Tue 14th Jul 2020 15:20

Nice and real x

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