Strike a Light

Swish coffee shop on swanky seaside plaza

It certainly entices, as his throat is parched

Looks right, left, and right again to cross


“Just inside here sir, table for one?”

He chooses to sit outside under plastic cover

It’s drizzling but no choice in the matter really


“Large skinny latte, shot of gingerbread”

“Suppose I’ll get ripped off" he mutters

Now, the real reason for his beverage stop...


Hand reaches almost radar like, into side pocket,

everyone knows why he fumbles

A nervous, shaky hand pulls out the paraphernalia,

tobacco, paper, roller, lighter


Both hands now tremble during the procedure 

Was it really only an hour since the last stop?

That was a ‘quickie’ outside Tesco, cheap fags

from a packet, in another pocket, concealed.

Same cause, lesser affect.


Even as he looks at the skull and crossbones

The addiction is too strong for the harrowing

messages to ever register. Hooked in this fight.

Strike a light

The Urban Poet 2020

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Fred Varden

Thu 9th Jul 2020 10:36

Yes David, and now they’re saying that vaping is just as harmful😌Thank you

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David Blake

Thu 9th Jul 2020 00:57

The struggle is real. Nice words.

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Fred Varden

Wed 8th Jul 2020 10:13

Yes Brian, and you could buy those in fives or singles😊

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Brian Maryon

Tue 7th Jul 2020 18:56

Hard to believe that in my lifetime there were cigarette brands actually claiming to be good for your throat, particularly Craven A.

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