Didn't they dig well

George was a keen gardener and loved his job,

But was imprisoned for a robbery with his friend Bob.

His dad got in touch,his garden was in a mess,

"I have no-one to weed my garden,what do you profess?"



George sends a letter to his dad,"Leave things as they are,

That's where I buried the two I killed driving recklessly in my car."

The police intercetpted the letter and started digging  dad's plot.

They were there digging for two weeks but nothing they got.


George was really delighted that they had read his letter,

"Didn't they dig well,I couldn't have done any better."



◄ A postal error

Don't drink and drive ►



Mon 6th Jul 2020 16:58

Good one! There's an Indian story of an old father who kept a big locked tin box under his bed which he was very protective about. He lived with his sons who competed with each other to look after their old pop. This went on for years apparently. As he was about to go, he summoned up the key from somewhere and asked his sons to share his legacy among themselves gracefully, without any bad blood. And he copped it. The sons and their wives leapt to open the box to discover old rocks packed in carefully.

I dunno what they did for the old guy's funeral 😂😜

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Paul Sayer

Sun 5th Jul 2020 18:23

Did they fork off afterwards?

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 5th Jul 2020 17:28

Aha - a plot about a plot. You've clearly done your groundwork. 😄

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Shifa Maqba

Sun 5th Jul 2020 14:12

your poems always make me chuckle. incredibly witty & amusing!

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sun 5th Jul 2020 12:47

Well done, short and very funny. And sly!.

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julie callaghan

Sun 5th Jul 2020 10:20

🤣 Brilliant, wish I could like it twice as my husband loved it too.

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