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Wreck of hopes

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Our meeting was an accidental,

But I am so sentimental,

So romantic, so sensitive and gentle.

I praised him to the skies,

I idealized my Peter

Thinking he was sweeter

Than any fresh peach.

And his speech! Wow!

It sounded like  neoclassic music,

Like a roar of sea waves,

Like an echo in the caves.


I didn’t forget about champagne and a candle

With aroma of a sandal.

Waiting for my prince to come

For the romantic dinner

I put on my best dress

So as to look thinner.

The door bell rang like an angel sang

And not like someone’s: bang-bang.

I flied on the wings of love to open the door,

Not even feeling the floor.


I told him about love,

About my wish to call me “my dove”.

But…Peter’s glutton

Was filling with peaches,

And he looked at me like a mutton.

Each peach he washed down with champagne,

And when nothing remained I suggested him steaks,

He has eaten nine without any breaks

And drank vodka like cola,

Ate some expensive  gorgonzola.


I tried to change the situation

And hoping  for some communication

I began to sing a song

But again I was wrong

As I’ve heard him mumble,

Then I’ve heard something had tumbled,

And then a noisy rumble.

The rest was just a ballad

As his face was in the  salad.

I wiped his face with  grace and thought:

What a disgrace!

You’d better take off at a very fast pace.

If you want to live

You’d better leave this place,


Now my life is happy and has a glitter

Without any Peter.


Larisa R (Odessa, Ukraine)


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